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G-AYA Dietary supplement Hair

Price €28.90
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Our solution stimulates the hair bulb for hair that is stronger and protected from the root. It promotes growth, gloss and vitality and shields against external stress factors.

60 tablets

Promotes growth
Intensifies pigmentation
Strengthens fibre

M-ORF Sleep Dietary Supplement

Price €13.95
Availability: Out of stock

The association of plants for sedative and soothing purposes allows complete relaxation from nervous and physical tensions. It affords a beauty sleep that favours fast recovery without that “morning tiredness” effect and without dependence or accustomization.

30 tablets

Improves the quality of sleep
Acts as a soporific
Repose and relaxation

P-MAG Dietary supplement Stress & Anxiety

Price €14.95
Availability: Out of stock

Magnesium chelate of marine origin in bisglycinate form combats chronic fatigue and stress, and helps the nervous system function normally. L-Glycine is an amino acid that produces chelated magnesium, which can be easily absorbed by the gut without any effect on bowel function. Vitamin B6 promotes the intestinal absorption of magnesium and helps your body produce serotonin.

60 tablets

Stress and anxiety

T-TAN Vitality Dietary Supplement

Price €19.95
Availability: Out of stock

Our vitality complex helps you fight temporary tiredness thanks to its boosting action. It provides a vitamin, mineral and micronutrient synergy, essential to strengthen your immunity, resist stress factors, and improve your cognitive and physical performance.

30 Tablets

Reduces Physical and Mental Tiredness
Strengthening the immune system
Fights Cellular Oxidation

D-Tox Food Complement Elimination

Price €14.90
Availability: Out of stock

D-TOX is a complex of plants and amino acids designed to help revitalise the body functions. D-TOX contributes to the elimination of heavy metals, to the renal elimination of water and encourages the elimination of fats.

This complex is known for its targeted action on the five emunctories (live, lungs, kidneys, bowel and skin).

500ml bottle 

Complex of draining plants

Emunctory cleanser 

Association of amino acids for a basic action

A-CDH Beauty Dietary Supplement

Price €29.95
Availability: Out of stock

Natural substance of the skin, hyaluronic acid protects and hydrates it to keep its beauty. Our formula helps to preserve the elasticity and suppleness of the tissues, for a natural rejuvenating result.

30 tablets

Care for the beauty of the skin
Fight against the signs of age

M-AIA Menopause Food Supplement

Price €25.90
Availability: Out of stock

Specifically formulated for stages of perimenopause and menopause. It helps to regulate hormonal activity, decrease hot flashes, and reduce palpitations. By fighting against hormone decline, mood swings, and hot flashes, it provides triple action on the unpleasantness associated with these stages.

60 tablets

Reduces the discomforts of menopause
Reduces palpitations
RPositively regulates mood

D-MTR Blood Flow Dietary Supplement

Price €19.95
Availability: Out of stock

This complex concentrates active ingredients acting at different levels of veinous or lymphatic tissues. It combines 13 active ingredients. Red Vine supports blood flow. Vitamin C helps the normal formation of collagen to ensure normal blood vessel function. Selenium, Vitamins C and E provide an antioxidant protection and help your legs to feel light.

60 Tablets

Veinous Comfort

A-TNA Weight Loss Dietary Supplement

Price €29.95
Availability: Out of stock

We have developed our weight loss complex so it acts on all weight gain factors ; curbed compulsions, regained feeling of fullness, and fat burning. A true ally for a comprehensive slimming treatment.

60 Tablets

Reduces lipid and glucid absorption

Boosts metabolism

Promotes feeling of fullness and fat burning

H-ILE Dietary supplement Joints

Price €24.90
Availability: Out of stock

There are many factors that have an impact on our joint health: sport, a sedentary lifestyle and, in particular, age. To keep our joints in tip-top condition, we must look after our joints and cartilage, which is a component of our joints and is made up in part of collagen and hyaluronic acid. H-ILE is a compound of 10 active ingredients which help produce collagen, to ensure cartilage functions properly and protect cells against free radical damage. With vitamine D this compound helps maintain normal bone and muscle function.

60 tablets

Joint mobility
Bones and cartilage

D-TRS Dietary supplement Serenity

Price €23.90
Availability: Out of stock

This compound has a combined effect on all the causes and consequences of stress. It helps the nervous system to function normally. It reduces mood disorders and nervous imbalance.

30 tablets

Balanced mood
Balanced nervous system

V-NUS Urinary Comfort Food Supplement

Price €13.90
Availability: Out of stock

This complex of active ingredients is innovative. These active ingredients contribute to the proper functioning and comfort of the urinary system. In addition, the titrated cranberry extract provides 40 mg PAC-A, the dosage of which is guaranteed by the BL-DMAC analytical method. It promotes urinary elimination and decreases bacterial adhesion to the bladder wall through D-mannose in order to prevent urinary tract disorders.

20 tablets

Urinary Comfort

E-OLE Dietary supplement Respiratory tracts

Price €9.95
Availability: Out of stock

An active compound to boost the body's immune system. Helps combat the many environmental winter stress factors. Echinacea prevents colds, vitamin C helps combat fatigue and increases resistance to infections. Expectorant. Zinc contributes to a normal immune system.

15 tablets

Respiratory tracts
Boosts immunity

B-RON Self-Tanning Food Supplement

Price €19.95
Availability: Out of stock

This complex of active ingredients is a self-tanner, cellular protector, and tan enhancer. It is suitable for anyone who wants to create the appearance of tanned skin without.

30 tablets

Tanned skin
Tan activation
Skin protection

copy of L-IOS Sun Protection & Tanning

Price €14.90
Availability: Out of stock

This solar complex protects the epidermis and prepares and activates tanning, allowing less exposure to the sun. The combination of tomato extract and Lycopene, one of the carotenoids promoting melanin and vitamin synthesis, allows for better tolerance to the sun. It is suitable for all skin types.

60 tablets

Sun protection
Intensifies your tan
Cellular antioxidants