Components Benefits
Linoleic acid conjugated (CLA): promotes the reduction of fat mass in favour of lean mass
Hyaluronic acid titrated at 90% HYAMAX LW: hydrates, participates in the synthesis of collagen and elastin
Arginine promotes hair growth by improving root irrigation
Choline allows a good supply of water and fat to the hair follicle
Chromium picolinate increases basal metabolism, normalizes blood sugar, reduces cravings for sugar and restores lean body mass
Pineapple ES (stem) diuretic, anti-inflammatory
Hawthorn ES titrated at 1.35% hyperosides: calming, spasmolytic, decreases palpitations
Rocket ES (AP) fortifying, slows down hair loss
Tomato ES boosts and prolongs the tan
Matricaria Chamomile ES (flower) relaxing, calming, reduces nervous tension
Passionflower ES (AP) anxiolytic, spasmolytic, mild sedative action, plant for the anxiety field
Eschscholtzia ES (AP) sedative and anxiolytic, improves the quality of sleep cycles
Jujube ES (seeds) sedative effect, relieves symptoms of irritability and neuronal hyperactivity (Jujuboside A)
Lemon balm ES (leaves) Anxiolytic and slightly sedative, lemon balm has a beneficial effect on sleep disorders
L-tyrosine precursor of melanogenesis
Lutein helps filter blue light, preserves skin and eyes from aging
Lycopene major antioxidant, promotes the synthesis of melanin and vitamin A
L-Tryptophan precursor of serotonin which is converted into melatonin at bedtime and brings about sleep
Hydroxyproline increases the synthesis of ceramides and collagen, effect on photoaging
L-Cysteine promotes hair growth by participating in the synthesis of keratin
L-Citrulline precursor of L-arginine
Lysine contributes to the synthesis of collagen, the structural protein of the hair
L-theanine relaxing, reduces mental and physical stress without drowsiness
L-tryptophan- positively regulates mood and morale, allows the synthesis of serotonin
Munier White-japanese decreases the absorption of sugars and starch after a meal
Melatonin reduces the time it takes to fall asleep
Selenium trace element protecting cell membranes
Rocouyer prepares the skin for tanning and gives a tanned complexion
Keratin constituent of the hair, strengthens the hair fiber
Betaine allows the liver to metabolize fatty acids
D - Mannose lines the wall of the urinary tract preventing bacteria from attaching to the bladder
Birch ES elimination of the organism in periods between seasons
Cranberry ES (Cranberry) Powerful antioxidant, rich in flavonoids