H-ILE Joint Food Supplement - 3-month pack

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Our complex food supplement offers a unique response to inflammatory reactions and conditions linked to osteoarthritic or degraded joints. 

180 tablets


Promotes joint mobility
Repairs bones and cartilage

H-ILE Dietary supplement Joints

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There are many factors that have an impact on our joint health: sport, a sedentary lifestyle and, in particular, age. To keep our joints in tip-top condition, we must look after our joints and cartilage, which is a component of our joints and is made up in part of collagen and hyaluronic acid. H-ILE is a compound of 10 active ingredients which help produce collagen, to ensure cartilage functions properly and protect cells against free radical damage. With vitamine D this compound helps maintain normal bone and muscle function.

60 tablets

Joint mobility
Bones and cartilage

H-ILE Dietary supplement Joint sticks

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This compound helps keep joints and tendons supple. It strengthens the body's locomotive system and maintains joint health and good mobility. It also helps strengthen cartilage and bones.

15 Sticks

Flexibility, resistance of cartilage
Strengthens bone mass