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D-Tox Food Complement Elimination

Price €14.90
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D-TOX is a complex of plants and amino acids designed to help revitalise the body functions. D-TOX contributes to the elimination of heavy metals, to the renal elimination of water and encourages the elimination of fats.

This complex is known for its targeted action on the five emunctories (live, lungs, kidneys, bowel and skin).

500ml bottle 

Complex of draining plants

Emunctory cleanser 

Association of amino acids for a basic action

G-AYA Dietary supplement Hair

Price €28.90
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Our solution stimulates the hair bulb for hair that is stronger and protected from the root. It promotes growth, gloss and vitality and shields against external stress factors.

60 tablets

Promotes growth
Intensifies pigmentation
Strengthens fibre

A-CDH Beauty Dietary Supplement

Price €29.95
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Natural substance of the skin, hyaluronic acid protects and hydrates it to keep its beauty. Our formula helps to preserve the elasticity and suppleness of the tissues, for a natural rejuvenating result.

30 tablets

Care for the beauty of the skin
Fight against the signs of age

A-TNA Weight Loss Dietary Supplement

Price €29.95
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We have developed our weight loss complex so it acts on all weight gain factors ; curbed compulsions, regained feeling of fullness, and fat burning. A true ally for a comprehensive slimming treatment.

60 Tablets

Reduces lipid and glucid absorption

Boosts metabolism

Promotes feeling of fullness and fat burning