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V-NUS Urinary Comfort Food Supplement

Price €13.90
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This complex of active ingredients is innovative. These active ingredients contribute to the proper functioning and comfort of the urinary system. In addition, the titrated cranberry extract provides 40 mg PAC-A, the dosage of which is guaranteed by the BL-DMAC analytical method. It promotes urinary elimination and decreases bacterial adhesion to the bladder wall through D-mannose in order to prevent urinary tract disorders.

20 tablets

Urinary Comfort

M-AIA Menopause Food Supplement

Price €25.90
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Specifically formulated for stages of perimenopause and menopause. It helps to regulate hormonal activity, decrease hot flashes, and reduce palpitations. By fighting against hormone decline, mood swings, and hot flashes, it provides triple action on the unpleasantness associated with these stages.

60 tablets

Reduces the discomforts of menopause
Reduces palpitations
RPositively regulates mood