YGIE brings
together all the virtues of well-being natural
in a single Laboratory

POVA Technologie

In Greek mythology, Panacea, goddess of healing, provides mankind with plant remedies and advocates healing medicine. Her sister, Hygie, goddess of health, was at the origin of a new form of medicine: preventive medicine.

The Ygie Laboratory, a new player in the food supplements market, is developing innovative and specific formulas that bring together the foundations of health: prevention and healing. It offers a wide range of answers to all the ills of our daily lives.

Innovation is based on the combination of plants, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids made possible after a long phase of R&D within the Ygie laboratory. This is the foundation of its expertise: POVA technologie®.

POVA technologie® brings together the best of the 4 sciences in a single tablet for synergistic action and optimal efficiency.

Trace elements, vitamins and amino acids are essential for the proper functioning of our body. Although some are made naturally in our bodies, a daily intake is recommended to preserve our physiological balance. The synergistic use of the best parts of the plant thanks to the scientific knowledge of the Ygie Laboratory optimises the impact on our health.

Each of the dietary supplements is the result of POVA technologie and incorporates an innovative formulation - the result of uncompromising expertise.

The Ygie Laboratory also focuses its research on the use of a universal manufacturing process: granulation, a technique used for drug design. This method makes it possible to obtain high-quality tablets for perfect absorption of the active ingredients. Innovation, efficiency, transparency and ethics are the values of the YGIE laboratory to guarantee the safety and quality of its food supplements.


<p“Granulation” is a shaping process that assembles fine particles to form grains ranging from a few hundred micrometres up to several millimetres.

N.B.: this process is mandatory for any medicinal product that wishes to obtain market authorisation.


This technology guarantees:

 - better homogeneity without separation
 - better compressibility of tablets
 - better preservation of active ingredients
 - 5 to 15 times greater concentration per tablet (removal of excipients)