1. How the General Conditions of Sale Apply

These General Conditions of Sale shall systematically be applied or granted to every purchaser so that the purchaser can place an order. As a result, placing an order requires full and unreserved adherence by the purchaser to these General Conditions of Sale, with the exclusion of any advertising material or catalogues issued by YGIE, which are only for promotional purposes. Any contrary conditions that the purchaser imposes cannot, unless there is an express written acceptance from the YGIE company, be incumbent upon the vendor, regardless of the moment at which the vendor learns of them. Furthermore, it may never be presumed that the vendor has renounced the right to uphold these General Conditions of Sale. 

The payment terms and conditions are always available to the purchaser upon request. In the event that these conditions are modified, YGIE shall inform its clients of the content of the new conditions. 

2. Contract Applicability

If, for whatever reason, one of these general conditions were to be declared non-applicable, the fact that it is not applicable does not affect the applicability of the other provisions in the general conditions, and the provision deemed non-applicable shall be replaced by the closest provision possible. 

3. Placing orders

Having selected the payment method according to the choice on offer on the Vendor’s Website and clicked on “Continue”, the purchaser is considered to have unreservedly accepted these General Conditions of Sale (mandatory tickbox), which specifically cover the products, their specifications and warranties, price, quantities and the methods of transport. The purchaser’s order shall be confirmed by the Website via e-mail to the address entered by the purchaser when creating an Account. The sale is concluded and deemed complete only after the full price for the order has been received by the Website, especially for payments by cheque and bank transfer. In order to tackle fraud, the Website reserves the ability to ask the purchaser to provide it with a signed confirmed of the order and to make a payment by bank transfer in the place of payment by credit or debit card or by cheque. Likewise, the Site may be required to ask for additional proof of payment when confirming the order. In the absence of cooperation or if the documents provided by the Purchaser do not allow the Purchaser's account to be authenticated, the Site reserves the right to cancel the Order, after informing the Purchaser by e-mail. In the event of fraud or serious offences (in particular counterfeiting, concealment of stolen goods, illegal importation), the Site is obliged to communicate to the competent bodies responsible under the legislation in force for the repression of such fraud and offences, all documents, information and records in its possession, and in particular the registration e-mail address and password chosen as well as any personal data of the Purchasers concerned that may be requested. 

4. Purpose, methods and delivery times

YGIE reserves the right to make any necessary modifications to its products or their composition at any time, without the obligation to modify products that may have been delivered previously or that are being delivered. It also reserves the right to make any changes to the formulas of the products as stated in the advertising material and catalogues at any time and without prior notice. 

Deliveries are either with a direct delivery of the product to the purchaser, with a delivery notice being left or delivery by a courier or haulier. 

Upon receiving payment, our teams will prepare your order on the same day or the next working day at the latest. Orders placed at the weekend will be prepared on the Monday, unless it is out of stock. 

For mainland France, Corsica and Monaco, packages are sent by the French postal service to your home or by Mondial Relay for delivery to Points Relais® pick-up point. Preparation time is a maximum of 2 days and delivery time is a maximum of 4 days. The purchaser agrees to take delivery within 14 days of being made aware that it is available. Beyond this deadline, the vendor shall hold the purchaser responsible for meeting the cost of shipping the products. 

Deliveries are made according to availability and in the order the orders were placed. YGIE is authorised to make full or partial deliveries. The delivery times are specified as precisely as possible but are subject to supply and production availabilities, as well as the availability of the courier. Exceeding delivery times cannot give rise to claims for compensation or discounts, nor for the purchaser to cancel current orders. In any event, delivery within the delivery time can only occur if the purchaser is up to date with its obligations to YGIE, whatever the reason. 

5. Risks

Where the product is damaged or missing, the purchaser must inform of and confirm its reserves by extra-judicial document or by recorded-delivery letter with proof of delivery to the haulier or transport service as soon as possible after receiving the goods. 

Without prejudice to the provisions to be undertaken with the haulier, claims about apparent defects, or non-compliance of the product delivered with the order placed or the delivery notice, must be made in writing within 14 days of receiving the products. Claims must be justified by any evidence that can attest to existence of the stated defect or anomaly to allow YGIE to make appropriate checks and provide pertinent responses. 

6. Warranty

YGIE undertakes to comply with the strict guarantees laid down by the law and regulations in force without any further extension or prolongation. 

Defects and deterioration caused by natural wear and tear, an external accident, a modification and/or mixing of the product not foreseen or not specified by the vendor, the act of any third party, of the purchaser or of the victim themselves are excluded from any guarantee.  Furthermore, in the event of the return of the product by the purchaser, any goods that are "open", "in bulk", or with their protective bags or packaging undone, will be returned in their original condition and cannot be accepted.  

7. Payment

Products are supplied at the price in place on the day of delivery. The price of the products is shown on the product description sheet. This price foes not include delivery costs and is shown as the price before VAT. 
The price of the product cannot be altered by YGIE once the client has placed the order. 
The shipping costs are borne by the client unless otherwise specified. All fees, taxes, duty or other money owed under French law or in the country of import/transit shall be billed to the purchaser. 

8. Payment conditions

The terms of payment are as follows, unless otherwise agreed between the purchaser and the vendor: payment by credit card at the time of order. 
In the event of staggered or deferred payment, payment within the meaning of the present terms is not in handing over of a money order or cheque but clearance by the due date.

Without prejudice to any other course of action, the vendor may suspend all orders in progress in the event of non-payment of the full amount owed by the purchaser.  Any sum not paid on the due date shall automatically and without prior formal notice, by derogation of article 1153 of the Civil Code, give rise to the payment of late payment interest, calculated as one and a half times the legal interest rate.  In the event of persistent non-payment eight days after notice of default has been given but not remedied, the sale shall be lawfully cancelled and the vendor may, if necessary, invoke this cancellation.  The vendor may request the return of the products in summary proceedings without prejudice to any other damages or demand payment for the goods by any legal means.

When payment is made in instalments, not meeting a due date shall result in the entire debt becoming immediately payable without formal notice. In the event of partial payment or non-payment of one or more of the invoices issued to the customer, any subsequent payment made by the purchaser will be used to clear the oldest unpaid invoice of the debtor, and so on until final settlement of all arrears.  Promotional products will be invoiced at the normal sales price for the part representing the shipping costs.

In the case of payment by credit card, the debit will take place immediately after the payment is approved. 

9. Ownership

The vendor maintains ownership of any goods delivered until full payment of the principal price and any sundries has been made. Failure to meet any of the deadlines may lead to the goods being reclaimed. 
In the event of a dispute, only the Porentruy trade court may decide. 

10. Right to withdraw

Description of the right to withdraw: 
As a client and consumer, you have the right to withdraw and return your package for a refund provided that you follow the procedure for exercising your right to withdraw, as described below. 
You do not need to give a reason to exercise your right to withdraw. There is no penalty to pay. Procedure for exercising your right to withdraw: 
You have 14 days to exercise your legal right to withdraw from the date you receive the products. If the deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday, the deadline is extended until the next working day. 
To exercise your right to withdraw, you can make your request to withdraw from the sale by email or via the withdrawal form, sending it to the following address: 

06400 CANNES 

Please take note of the following specification on the costs of returning a product: 

In the event that the return is related to an error on our part, we will cover the costs of the return.
If you are returning the product of your own volition, the cost for the return falls exclusively to you. Product(s) must be returned in a saleable condition.

You can give a reason for your return to help us improve our customer service: 

The product you received was not the one you ordered

Your order arrived incomplete
Your order arrived too late...

You then have 14 days in which to return the product to the following address: 

357 Chemin des Iscles
06700 Saint-Laurent-du-Var

The refund on your order will be made after your parcel has been received and within 14 days of the date at which you exercised your right to a refund. As soon as your parcel have been received and processed, we will inform you email that it has been registered by our returns department and that we are refunding you by crediting your account directly.